The Sharp Engineering Company is amongst India’s leading manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of plywood machinery, veneer making machinery & woodworking machinery manufacturing company. The product that we are manufacturing consists of Hydraulic veneer peeling lathe machine 56” (1422mm), 108” (2750mm) Hydraulic core veneer spindle less peeling machine 56 (1422mm), 1350mm, 1400mm, 2600mm & 108 (2750mm), Hydraulic rotary type Face Veneer Log Peeling Lathe Machine 108 (2750mm). Plywood Glue Spreader Machine 108″, 56″, 36″, Plywood Roller Dipping Machine for coating on Plywood/ block board (Panels).


  1. Automatic Veneer production Line or Veneer Manufacturing Line
  2. Glue Kettle Machine – for glue making.
  3. Glue Mixer Machine – for glue mixing.
  4. Glue Spreader Machine – for glue spreading on core veneer, face veneer.
  5. Dipping Machine – for coating of glue or chemical on ply, plywood, ply board (panel) etc.
  6. Knife Grinder Machine – for sharpening of log peeler’s knifes.
  7. Belt Sanding Machine – for dust, scratches & extra waste material remove from the ply & plywood (panel) and finishing, smoothness purpose.
  8. D D Saw Machine – for cutting extra and waste material from, plywood, ply, block board (panel) etc.
  9. Finger Jointing Machine – for jointing, forming of ply and boards etc.
  10. Rip-Saw Machine – for cutting wood in large pieces.
  11. Hand Chopping Machine – for cutting core veneer.
  12. Paddle Chopping Machine – for cutting core veneer.
  13. Cooling (Drought) Fan – for cooling of using steel plates in hydraulic hot press machines.
  14. Hydraulic Scissor Lift – for using loading unloading plywood products in hot and cold presses etc.
  15. Seasoning Chamber – for drying wood in the seasoning chamber coil and fan rooms.
  16. Planer Machine – for smooth finishing of wood cutting products in plywood companies such as single side planer machine, Double side planer machine.
  17. Peeling Conveyor – for transfer core veneer, face veneer from log peeling machine to stock areas automatically.
  18. Gang Saw Machine – This machine is same as Rip Saw Machine but production capacity high compare to Rip-saw Machine using automatically feeding technology.
  19. Veneer Dryer Machine – For drying core veneer, face veneer, film face etc.
  20. Hydraulic Presses – Also manufacturing international standard level all types hot and cold presses with turn key projects (loading-unloading systems).

The Sharp Engineering Company was established in 2003 & located in Yamunanagar, Haryana (India. The company emphasis you leading technologically versatile machinery & confidentially skill production in your organizational reputation & provides continuously support to the customers.The design, shape & parts of the machinery for excellent performance & less effort to do running machine’s operations are making by our highly qualified & experienced engineers. According to its international standardization level are quit versatile & prevents very types of production problems.

The company’s dedicated personnel along with highly technical knowledge & expert for produce leading quality plywood & veneer making machinery & running on successfully. We are leading manufacturers & suppliers of high quality precision machinery & equipment. company’s well quality control management for manufacturing ensure leading design, leading quality & leading working machinery for give you more productivity. The company offers leading quality plywood machinery & setting-up complete plywood plant & provides leading technical services support.