Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Dipping Machine for plywood are widely used in the all types of plywood (panel), block board and woodworking industries for chemical coating on plywood, flush-door, skin-door ply, board (panel) through rubber rollers. This machine is also known as plywood policing machine. In conventional method generally chemical coating on plywood, doors & block boards with the use of brush or cloth, in this method there are slow production and lining of different shades on plywood, doors & boards always seen. This is the new generation chemical coating/ policing machine, this machine coating method is much better than the conventional method.

We are manufacturing this machine with the use of discovered engineered technology of international standard level for increasing your chemical utilization, perfectly spreading and coating, minimum chemical consumption and prevent wastages. Evenly this machine helps the plywood coating rigidly precise, because we are using leading quality rubber rollers. This machine simple in working and machine is fitted with 10 to 12 rubber rollers. Rubber rollers are fitted with double ball bearing brackets.
We have manufacturing this machine on the scientific way with leading services and technical support.
We have manufacturing this Dipping machine in three models; SEC-CDM 12 Rubber rollers, SEC-CDM 12 Rubber Rollers fully automatic, SEC-CDM 12 Rubber Rollers semi-automatic and other according to our customer’s requirement.
WORKING OF MACHINE :- This Dipping machine works through Neoprene Rubber rollers, Heavy duty gear box and pump, Temperature meter, Heavy duty chemical tank, Heavy gauge, Remote control board, Electrical starter or panel and also whipper. 


dipping3    dipping1   dipping2


  •  Heavy duty m.s. fabricated frame and body
  •  Easy to operate and used friendly
  •  Smoothly running
  •  Vibration less
  •  Much chemical saving
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Leading quality
  •  Leading services
  •  Reducing labor & labor cost
  •  Increasing production
  •  Market competitive price


  •  Body and Base Frame of Machine heavy duty M.S. sheet
  •  Chemical tank heavy duty M.S. sheet
  •  Gear box heavy duty : 2 no. 3″ center
  •  Branded Power Motors : 2 no. 3 hp
  •  No. of Rubber rollers : 12
  •  Fitter are fitted in machine for filter the chemical
  •  Steam coil : One no. steam coil for heating chemical
  •  One number 1 hp Pump for chemical lift from tank to on rollers
  •  Guiders are both sides fitted for straight movement of plywood, flush-door, ply, board (panel)