Sharp Engineering Company is a leading plywood machinery manufacturers,suppliers & exporting company from india has established in 2003.

  • The Sharp Engineering Company are manufacturing plywood machinery as well as all Hydraulic Hot and cold Presses, laminate machinery, veneer dryer machines etc.
  • The machines are pneumatic & hydraulically operated.
  • We are manufacturers of plywood machinery in fully automatic system, semi automatic system & as our customer’s requirement.
  • Our company working infrastructure well equipped & international standard level machinery are located for manufacturing purpose.
  • The Price of raw material,Labour,Electricity and others are continuously increasing day by day, so We have discovered advance technology for maximum production at minimum   cost and time.



The Sharp Engineering Company Manufactures all types of plywood plant machinery and supply on timely in india & Exports across the world.

  • The sharp engineering company is the biggest plywood and woodworking machinery manufacturing company.
  • The company are manufactures and setting-up all types of plywood and woodworking machinery by our long time experienced  working engineers, experienced labour in our manufacturing plant and at customer’site.
  • In the manufacturing & Mechanical engineering production line we have more than 22 years.
  • The discovered of new modern combination latest machines like computerised numerically controlled machines (cnc). By these machines the manufacturing are very rapidly & accurately.
  • We make machines in safe & well infrastructure, skilled & experienced workforce, we have creating goodwill to our customers.
  • The company always try to manufactures better quality machines, better design machines and market competitive price.
  • We use international standard and tested material, quality check pass material like electric panel, electric motor, nut & bolts, bearings, m.s. sheets & plates, bronze bushes, peeler knifes (knives) etc.
  • And at the final position the machines are completely ready to use & provides you leading performance.




  • The company have expertise experienced in the field of plywood machinery manufacturing includes plyboard machinery,wood machinery,Dryer machines,Veneer machinery,Laminate Pressing machines,MDF, Partical board , Densified machinery & all types of plywood industrial machinery in india.
  • Our machines will give you maximum productivity & less reduction, less wastages & more output.
  • Very rapid productivity by our machines no Wearing tearing & less time consumeable.
  • We always provides to our customers leading quality and leading accuracy machines for our customer’s organizational Reputation. According to quality of your products in your organizational marketing & prevent your labour problems so we provides rapid & accurate working machinery.
  • We provides leading ouality machinery to our customers, still if any problem happens in machines then we will provides leading services and spare parts of the machines absolutely free.
  • company provides you warranty of the machines, warranty provides you during the time of purchasing.