Knife Grinder Machine are widely used in the all kind of plywood (panel), veneer making and woodworking companies for grinding, re-grinding (sharpening) the log peeling machine’s knives (blades) or veneer lathe machine’s knife. There are 56” (1422mm), 72” (1830mm), 96” (2450mm), 108” (2750mm) grinding machines model and other size models according to our customer’s requirement. Machine’s construction extra heavy duty M.S. fabricated body & body is completely covered. This machine has vibration less, so during operation performs leading finishing working.

The slide of the machine is made from cast iron for smooth running. Heavy duty pressure valve is made from cast iron to holding the knife (blades) for leading working and fine quality sharpening of the knives. In this machine has a Heavy duty cast iron stone rotor for holding the stone pieces to fine grinding. In knife grinder machine has water lifting pump that is used for providing cooling and preventing heat, because during the time of knife grinding operation heat is created between knives and grinding stone. The machine is fitted with leading quality branded electrical panel and electric motors.

We have manufacturing this machine with the using of advanced discovered technology on the scientific way with leading services and technical support forever.

peeling-knife1  peeling-knife2  peeling3

peeling-knife4  peeling5    Knife-Grinder-6



  •  Heavy duty m.s. fabricated body
  •  Smoothly running
  •  Accurate grinding
  •  Vibration less
  •  Easy to operate and used friendly
  •  Heavy duty cooling pump
  •  Clamping system
  •  Markete Competitive price
  •  Low friction b/w slide ways ensuring long life
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Leading quality
  •  Leading services


  •  Motors  :  5 hp + 1 hp
  •  Water pump  :  1 hp/ 0.5 hp
  •  Gear box   :  Heavy Duty
  •  M.S. body  :  Fully covered
  •  Stone Rotor  :  Cast Iron Heavy Duty
  •  Electrical panel  :  With limit switches

Models are available SEC-PKGM 56″(1422mm), SEC-PKGM 72″(1830mm), SEC-PKGM 96″(2450mm), SEC-PKGM 108″(2750mm) and other our customer’s requirement.