Spindle Less Log Peeling Lathe Machine is mainly used in the all kind of plywood (panel), veneer making and woodworking companies for producing core veneer and face veneer from the wood (log). This machine is the first step to manufacturing veneer and plywood. This machine is mainly used for smaller diameter wood (logs) to peel into core veneer & face veneer. We are manufacturing this machine with the use of discovered engineered technology of international standard level. In this machine we are using special EN 8 material for pressing rollers instead chuck to fixing the wood (log).

By this machine we can save the wood log, core veneer & face veneer. Production about this machine rapidly, smoothly, accurate & safely as compare to conventional log peeling machines. In our machines have leading quality & leading accuracy machinery parts which give you leading performance and high accuracy output of core veneer & face veneer products. This machine is giving continuous ribbon of veneer of uniform thickness.

We have manufacturing following types of SPL veneer peeling models such as:

 Spindle Less Log Peeling Machine Models

Spindle less log peeling machine, 1350mm, 1400mm, 1530mm, 2600mm & (2750mm) and other models according to our customer’s specific requirements.

Spindle Veneer Peeling Machine Models

Veneer peeling machine 56” (1400mm), 1530mm, 1350mm, 2600mm, Face veneer peeling lathe 108” (2750mm) and other models according to our customer’s specific requirements.

We are also manufacturing hydraulic veneer peeling machines in CNC & PLC systems according to our customer’s requirement.

SpindleLess Log Peeler Lathe Machine     spindless-veneer-peeling-machine spindless log peeling machines