Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Veneer Peeling Lathe Machine is mainly used in the plywood and veneer making companies for producing veneer from the wood (log). For making plywood this machine is first step to manufacturing veneer and plywood. We are manufacturing this machine with the use of discovered engineered technology of international standard level. In our machines have leading quality & leading accuracy machinery parts which give you leading performance and high accuracy output of core veneer & face veneer products. This machine is giving continuous ribbon of veneer of uniform thickness.
We have manufacturing following types of veneer peeling lathe machines such as:

Spindle veneer peeling machines

Veneer peeling machine 56” (1400mm), 1350mm, 2600mm and Face veneer peeling lathe 108” (2750mm) and other models according to our customer’s specific requirements.

Spindle less log peeling machines

Spindle less log peeling machine, 1350mm, 1400mm, 2600mm & (2750mm) and other models according to our customer’s specific requirements.

We are also manufacturing hydraulic veneer peeling machines in CNC/ PLC systems according to our customer’s requirement.      


Veneer-peeling-Lathe1    spindless-veneer-peeling-machine-300x145          spindless-log-peeling-machines     

veneer-cutting-machineSpindle-Less-Log-Peeler-Lathe-Machine      log-peeling-machine


Veneer Cutting Machines

We are also leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of veneer cutting machines. These machines are widely used in the all kind of plywood & veneer making industries for cutting core veneers & face veneers. These machines are fully automatic because in these machines has a conveyor system for feeding & out coming processes veneers. Rapidly production about these machines as compare to conventional method, in conventional method for veneer cutting purpose some manual hand chopping & peddle chopping machines are used result very low production & costly. These machines are also known as plywood cutting machines.


  • Machine construction heavy duty.
  • Accurate & high speed technology.
  • Use friendly & easy to operate.
  • Branded Electric control panel fully automatic.
  • Uses Pneumatic & hydraulic functions.
  • Special design to suit core veneer production line.
  • Suitable for plantation & Tropical wood species.
  • More veneer recovery utility.
  • Specially designed for veneer peeling medium.
  • Super small diameter logs.
  • Chucking with screw type motorized spindle.
  • Vibration free construction.
  • Corrosion resistant, High quality, Durable, Reliable.


  • Model – SEC 56”(1400)
  • Maximum log length : 1400 mm
  • Maximum log diameter : 360mm
  • Difference veneer thickness  : 0.50mm-3.50mm
  • Minimum end core diameter : 30-40mm
  • Total power required : 35 H.P. for spindle lathe & SPL lathe 30 H.P. (22.4 kw)
  • All shafts/ spindles EN material
  • Hydraulically operated feed mechanism

Veneer Peeling Lathe Machines are available in different models and also manufacturing different sizes of working diameter, working length and veneer thickness according to our customer’s requirement.